Everything We Offer

Feature List


  • Themes

    Choose your site design from our vast collection of beautiful themes.

  • Mobile Styling

    With built-in mobile styling, your site will look great on any device.

  • CSS & HTML

    You don’t need to know either of these to make a beautiful site. But we give full access to those who do.

  • Privacy

    Set site or page specific passwords to keep things private, and give the password to the people you choose.

  • Domains

    Easily add a custom domain to make your Virb site yours.

  • Unlimited Space

    Virb will not hold you back. There’s no limit when it comes to your content and bandwidth.

  • SEO

    Get your site seen with powerful SEO tools and analytics.


  • Pages

    Easily create and manage galleries, stores, blogs, or any number of other page types we provide.

  • Integrated with Google Tools

    By connecting google analytics to your Virb site, you can keep a close watch over your stats.

  • Social Integration

    Connect your Virb site to the services you already know and love. Choose from an array of different icon sets to match your site’s design.

  • Storage for Documents & Files

    Virb gives you free file storage and the ability to connect directly to your dropbox account which automatically syncs to your Virb storage.

  • Add & Edit Meta Data

    Virb gives you the option to add and edit meta descriptions and keywords side wide or page specific.

  • Customization

    Simply choose your own colors, fonts, and theme from a variety of options.


  • Music

    SoundCloud, Bandcamp

  • Images & Video

    Instagram, Flickr, Vimeo, Dribbble

  • Stores

    Big Cartel, Etsy

  • Events

    Google, Facebook, LastFM

  • Blogging


  • Widgets

    Twitter, Facebook, OpenTable, LastFM


  • Cloud Hosting

    All Virb sites come with cloud hosting built right in, meaning that your files with be extra-secure and delivered more quickly than traditional hosting.

  • Content Delivery Network

    We use a global content delivery network to make sure that your site’s content and images gets served to your visitors with lightning-speed.


  • Fast and Friendly Support

    Virb is backed by a team of friendly support personnel that is waiting to help you. If you have a question, we’re here to help.

  • Community Questions

    Ask a question to other Virb customers, browse through existing conversations, or answer someone else's question.

  • Video Tutorials

    Want to see how something works? We have plenty of video tutorials that detail various aspects of Virb and how to get the most out of it.