Galleries + Options

Virb’s galleries are made to let your work shine. With our multitude of display formats and options we make sure that you can display your work the way you want, simply and easily.

Mobile Styling

Whether you need to meet with a client on the go or someone finds your portfolio while on their smartphone, you can rest assured that your work is optimized to display beautifully—on any device.

Themes Just For You

Any of our mobile-friendly Themes can be customized to match your unique style, but here's a few we recommend just for you.





Flickr + Instagram + Tumblr

Virb brings your favorite services all under one roof and displays them seamlessly. Import photos from Flickr and Instagram to create galleries or blog posts from your Tumblr account—we’ll automatically keep everything synced.

Password Protection

We know that sometimes you need to keep your photos private. Our password protection options make it easy to send clients previews of your last shoot without prying eyes.

  • “The feature of protected pages have given me a reliable portal for my clients that keeps all of the work housed in the same overall heading I use as a reference for potential clients.”

    Andrew Ryan Shepherd
  • “Virb is the best portfolio builder I've ever worked with. Everything has been so easy, from setup to organizing my photo projects to setting up private galleries for clients.”

    Helena Price
  • “Virb removes stress from my life. The simplicity of Virb allows me to integrate with other services I care about, showcase my work quickly, and get back to what really matters: taking photos.”

    Daniel Agee
  • “With Virb, you make a site in minutes that will look as good on your phone as it does on your client’s display. I can't imagine showcasing my work anywhere else!”

    Davey Wilson