Where we're heading


In Progress

Things we're doing
right now

  • Launched

    New Theme / Teller

    Teller is a minimal theme with a unique navigation. It’s fluid design and content focused layout works well for writers, bloggers, or anyone who wants to show off their portfolio.

  • Launched

    New Virb.com

    We're giving our site a fresh coat of paint and doing some spring cleaning.

  • Production

    New Theme / Winchester

    Perfect for photographers, designers, and organizations, this theme puts your work at the center of attention with it’s clean design and generous space for big images.

  • Production

    New Theme / Fargo

    Fargo has a bit of an attitude and nothing to hide. A big, bold typographic header and an optional speckled background makes your website stand out from the crowd.

On the horizon

Things we're planning
on doing

  • Developer Platform

  • Blog Export / Backup

  • Theme / Fargo

  • Updated Text Editor

  • Theme / Winchester

  • <head> Access